Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The topic of prom has come up continuously in my life since yesterday. My students' prom is next Wednesday, in the book I'm currently reading a girl holds her own prom so she can dance with her ghostly lover, and one of my favorite bloggers recently covered prom as well.

Carrie Brownstein writes Monitor Mix on NPR's website. I've read and loved it from her first post. She opens this entry recapping a newspaper article about prom themes at Oregon High Schools. My own prom theme was "A Night to Remember," but I wish that I went to the school that had the theme "Jurassic Prom -- 65 Million Years in the Making."

Once you get past the list of themes though, Brownstein has some interesting things to say about how music effects us, especially when it comes to the traditions surrounding prom. Definitely take a look.

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